Before your party

Choose a concept.
What kind of party do you want to host? Just a few options are a world bazaar, a retreat activity, a program for a study or class, a program for a women's meeting, a Christmas-in-August party, or a part of an party or emphasis. Our Web site offers free party theme ideas (see list at right), resources (see downloadables at left), recipes, artisan stories, country information, gift cards, and activities.

Choose a place and date.
What time of year do you want to host your party? Choose the place and date to host your party that suits you and your prospective attendees best.

Choose the time.
Plan at least 30 to 90 minutes for your party.

Recruit volunteers.
Talk with friends, family, and other group members to see who could help and what facilities are available.

Send invitations.
For ideas, see our promotional copy and party themes (see list at right). Feel free to create your own invitations with a color scheme or theme tied to one or more of the artisans' countries.

Serve snacks.
Recruit a friend to help prepare international snacks from our recipes. Appetizers and finger foods are better for parties than entrées.

Prepare party favors.
Duplicate the recipes on a culture-themed cardstock, if you like, and have these ready to give to guests as party favors.

Look through our items online and purchase products to display and sell at your party.
These items are returnable. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Order catalogs, if available.
Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301 to order catalogs for your party. WorldCrafts will provide you with a free catalog for each person expected up to 20 catalogs. For larger groups, please order a catalog for each 5 people. A downloadable version of the catalog and order forms are available online for duplication. As with other home party companies, WorldCrafts asks customers to share catalogs at parties as good stewards of limited resources. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Party themes:

image of Afternoon Picnic Party theme
Afternoon Picnic

image of Be An Amazonian Affair theme
Amazonian Affair

image of A Table Affair theme
A Table Affair

image of Be An Angel Party theme
Be An Angel

image of Blessings theme
Be a Blessing

image of Blessings theme
Barbecue for Missions

image of Blessings theme
Cultural Crossroads

image of Garden Tea Party theme
Garden Tea Party

image of Great Wall theme
Great Wall

image of Harvest Celebration theme
Harvest Celebration

image of Independence Day theme
Independence Day

image of India theme
Inspired by India

image of Garden Tea Party theme
Intriguing Indonesia

image of mosaic theme
Jewelry Jubilee

image of mosaic theme
Kenyan Coffee Klatch

image of mosaic theme
Mosaic of Missions

image of new year theme
New Year

image of Polkadot theme
One Step at a Time

image of Polkadot theme
Polka dot

image of Safari theme

image of Set1Free theme
Set1Free Freedom

image of Set1Free theme
Stationary Soiree

image of Set1Free theme
Sweets and Sports

image of Taste of Thai theme
Taste of Thai

image of Valentine Tea Party theme
Valentine Tea

image of Wrap it Up theme
Wrap it Up