During your party

Play a CD featuring music representing another culture.
You can find this in the world music section of your local music store.

Welcome each guest.
Share a little bit about the theme. Tell how excited you are about WorldCrafts and the artisans represented.

Involve children or youth to welcome guests, to be presenters, to cook, or to staff tables.
This is a great way to raise awareness of the world's peoples among youth.

Give guests time to mingle.
Allow guests about 15 minutes to sample the snacks and view the sample crafts and available media such as artisan bios and other displays.

Introduce WorldCrafts and offer a few facts about the artisans and people groups.
Use the downloadable resources at left.

Show the WorldCrafts Sustain Me DVD (H104125 $9.99).
This short video features live footage of WorldCrafts artisans.

Have a share time.
Ask any enlisted presenters or attendees to share about their trips. Invite guests to participate or share about their experiences.

Take an activity break.
Use the suggested activities or dream up your own. Award products to the winners as you choose.

Complete product purchases and/or take orders.
Allow 20 minutes for guests to review items for sale and make their final purchasing decisions. Or allow time for guests to review the catalog and fill out their order forms. Collect payments and/or order forms before guests leave. If guests want to receive orders by Christmas, orders must be received by November 15. Thank each person for his or her order.

Party themes:

image of Afternoon Picnic Party theme
Afternoon Picnic

image of Be An Amazonian Affair theme
Amazonian Affair

image of A Table Affair theme
A Table Affair

image of Be An Angel Party theme
Be An Angel

image of Blessings theme
Be a Blessing

image of Blessings theme
Barbecue for Missions

image of Blessings theme
Cultural Crossroads

image of Garden Tea Party theme
Garden Tea Party

image of Great Wall theme
Great Wall

image of Harvest Celebration theme
Harvest Celebration

image of Independence Day theme
Independence Day

image of India theme
Inspired by India

image of Garden Tea Party theme
Intriguing Indonesia

image of mosaic theme
Jewelry Jubilee

image of mosaic theme
Kenyan Coffee Klatch

image of mosaic theme
Mosaic of Missions

image of new year theme
New Year

image of Polkadot theme
One Step at a Time

image of Polkadot theme
Polka dot

image of Safari theme

image of Set1Free theme
Set1Free Freedom

image of Set1Free theme
Stationary Soiree

image of Set1Free theme
Sweets and Sports

image of Taste of Thai theme
Taste of Thai

image of Valentine Tea Party theme
Valentine Tea

image of Wrap it Up theme
Wrap it Up