Promoting your party

There are as many different ways to promote a WorldCrafts party as there are types of parties. When having an at-home party with friends, an invitation or phone call will be all the promotion you need. At the other end of the spectrum, having a larger, dedicated WorldCrafts party will require several different ways of promotion at the same time. Promotion resources are available (see downloadable resources at left).

Here are three basic promotion plans you can use as a starting point.

A. Small gathering (home party)
  1. Mail personal invitations three weeks prior to the party with an RSVP.
  2. Follow up with a casual phone call about five days prior to the party.
B. Add to an existing gathering (women's group, small group, part of other programming, or international bazaar)
  1. Distribute a brief informational ad or bulletin insert (promotional copy) to educate your congregation on the basics of WorldCrafts.
  2. Include WorldCrafts in an announcement prior to the party.
  3. Distribute or hand out a take-home flyer about WorldCrafts a week or two before the party.
C. Large party dedicated to WorldCrafts
  1. Place a small "teaser" ad in the bulletin two weeks prior to the party. Follow up with a larger ad the next week.
  2. Leave flyers in each classroom two weeks prior to the party.
  3. Announce it publicly and/or use a video clip from the Sustain Me DVD during a meeting or fellowship time.

Party themes:

image of Afternoon Picnic Party theme
Afternoon Picnic

image of Be An Amazonian Affair theme
Amazonian Affair

image of A Table Affair theme
A Table Affair

image of Be An Angel Party theme
Be An Angel

image of Blessings theme
Be a Blessing

image of Blessings theme
Barbecue for Missions

image of Blessings theme
Cultural Crossroads

image of Garden Tea Party theme
Garden Tea Party

image of Great Wall theme
Great Wall

image of Harvest Celebration theme
Harvest Celebration

image of Independence Day theme
Independence Day

image of India theme
Inspired by India

image of Garden Tea Party theme
Intriguing Indonesia

image of mosaic theme
Jewelry Jubilee

image of mosaic theme
Kenyan Coffee Klatch

image of mosaic theme
Mosaic of Missions

image of new year theme
New Year

image of Polkadot theme
One Step at a Time

image of Polkadot theme
Polka dot

image of Safari theme

image of Set1Free theme
Set1Free Freedom

image of Set1Free theme
Stationary Soiree

image of Set1Free theme
Sweets and Sports

image of Taste of Thai theme
Taste of Thai

image of Valentine Tea Party theme
Valentine Tea

image of Wrap it Up theme
Wrap it Up