New 2014

Each WorldCrafts product represents lives changed by the opportunity to earn an income with dignity and to hear the offer of everlasting life. WorldCrafts is excited to offer new products that are featured in our Fall/Winter 2014-15 catalog!

We are pleased to welcome seven new artisan partners in the fall of 2014: Anadoule in Turkey; Inle Clay in Myanmar; Kenya Vision in Kenya; Light of Hope in Bangladesh; Tabitha Ministries in Guatemala; Wandee in Thailand; and White Rainbow Project in India. You can read the stories of each artisan group on their artisan biography page!

The Fall/Winter 2014-15 WorldCrafts catalog is now available. Download the catalog below or call 1-800-968-7301 to order a free printed copy.

WorldCrafts New 2014 Products:

3-Section Olive Wood Tray 29.99

Wonderful for organizing or entertaining, this hand- carved olive wood tray helps artisans in Jordan provide for their basic needs.

African Angel Ornament Set 34.99

Add a touch of Africa to your tree with these melodic angels handmade in East Africa with banana and sisal fibers!

African Celebration Bracelet 19.99

Colorful and festive spiral bracelet that gives hope to HIV-positive artisans in South Africa!

African Drum 44.99

Enjoy the sounds of African tribal music in your own home!

African Grass Basket 39.99

Liven up your counter space with this eco-friendly, handwoven basket!

African Hope Earrings 14.99

These earrings are not only festive but help support men and women of South Africa who are HIV positive.

Ashlyn Necklace 54.99

With warm brown and red tones, this makes a versatile fall necklace!

Asian Transformation Earrings 17.99

Earrings that are changing the lives of formerly exploited women in Asia.

Asian Transformation Necklace 37.99

Each necklace is handmade by Asian women who are rebuilding their lives after being victims of sex trafficking.

Burmese Nativity Set 39.99

Cute and colorful, this Nativity set is both a reminder of Christ’s birth and His heart for the nations!

Butterfly Jewelry Roll 27.99

Handy for storing small items, this jewelry roll is great for traveling or on the go and features the handiwork of China Ethnic Crafts!

Calcutta Card Set 12.99

These elegant blue-and-silver cards help young women escape sex trafficking in India!

Camel Letter Opener 14.99

Make opening mail easier and more exciting with this unique camel letter opener!

Caucaus Wooden Inlaid Bowl 39.99

Unique multipurpose metal inlaid bowl that is both beautiful and functional!

Chinese Flower Cosmetic Bag 27.99

Durable cosmetic bag that features a unique Chinese pattern hand-embroidered by Chinese women to help support their families.

Chinese Frame Flower Magnet 9.99

Magnetic frame perfect for hanging a picture of a loved one on your refrigerator!

Chinese Silk Christmas Tree 24.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in August 2015. Intricately hand-sown, with layers of red, green, & gold fabric, this Christmas tree provides employment for artisans in China!

Christmas Ball Ornament and Gift Card Holder 5.99

Serving as both an ornament and gift card holder, this item makes a great tag for Christmas gifts!

Christmas Delight Ornament Set 26.99

Make your holiday more festive with this handmade set of ornaments from Guatemala.

Cloisonne Bookmark 14.99

Use this handmade bookmark to remember your place in a book and be reminded of the women of Eden Ministry in Asia who are being renewed.

Crimson Starburst Ornament 14.99

Uniquely made with recycled paper beads, this ornament helps provide a better quality of life for young girls in Uganda!

Crimson Tear Earrings 16.99

Dainty and fun, these made-in-the-US earrings add a splash of silver and red to your favorite outfit!

Crocheted Pinwheel Necklace 19.99

Unique necklace hand-crocheted by widows in India.

Do Justice Cuff 29.99

Truth reminder throughout your day, stylish, and great way to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly” as you help Kenyan artisans out of poverty.

Dragonfly Magnet Set 12.99

Spice up that refrigerator with ancient Chinese artwork. Two beautifully handcrafted dragonfly magnets made by women in Yunnan, China.

Eden Garden Earrings 16.99

Add a spring in your step with these dangling and festive blue-and-green earrings!

Faith, Hope, Love Banner 36.99

Remind yourself of His love with this striking red silk banner!

Flower Keychain 10.99

A beautiful and practical reminder of the women and children of Bangladesh.

Flower Petal Earrings 16.99

Handmade earrings that add a touch of pink to any outfit.

Freedom Clutch 44.99

Classic and sleek, this beautiful brown leather wallet gives hope to women escaping sex trafficking in Thailand!

GA Bracelet 6.99

This fun, leather bracelet is a great way for girls to express their love for Girls in Action®!

Giraffe Bookends 49.99

Hand-carved out of rich, ebony wood, these giraffe bookends would make a great accent to your shelf!

Global Impact Bracelet 14.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid-January 2015. Brighten up your look as you remember the Village Artisans in India.

Good Samaritan Necklace 34.99

Liven up your outfit with this brightly colored necklace handcrafted by women in Thailand.

Ichthus Journal 16.99

Save thoughts and save lives all at the same time with this unique journal!

In the Clouds Bracelet 34.99

Feel elegant and sophisticated with this dreamy freshwater pearl bracelet!

Indian Waterfall Earrings 16.99

Make a statement with these bold earrings that are empowering men and women in India!

Indian Waterfall Necklace 29.99

Great eye-catching, multilayered necklace made of beautiful bronze, chocolate, and teal beads.

Joyful Cross Necklace 24.99

So versatile, so stylish! You can wear this handcrafted piece of jewelry any way you wish.

Kampala Necklace 29.99

Creatively made out of recycled paper, this necklace is sure to add a festive touch to your outfit!

Kanzi Star Ornament 17.99

Cheer up your holiday with the bright, multicolored Kanzi star ornament!

Light of Hope Small Makeup Bag 11.99

With bold, colorful stripes, this makeup bag not only stands out but helps impoverished women in Bangladesh!

Mango Wood Frame 16.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid-January 2015. Get this unique, handcrafted frame hand-carved by Village Artisans in India.

Men’s Leather Wallet 32.99

Uniquely handcrafted, this leather wallet not only serves functional purposes but helps women in Thailand escape a life of shame.

Mukisa Earrings 14.99

Add a splash of color to your outfit with these handmade earrings.

Naapok Earrings 6.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid- January 2015. Designed and handcrafted in Tanzania, these earrings add a touch of blue to any outfit!

Naapok Star Ornament Set 27.99

Light and whimsical, these colorful beaded stars bring the spirit of Christmas!

Nanyok Disc Earrings 9.99

These earrings, handmade by the Maasai women of Tanzania, come in a functional classic black!

Nativity Advent Calendar 59.99

Countdown to Christmas every year with this durable and lightweight advent calendar!

Nativity Jigsaw Puzzle 24.99

Celebrate Christ’s birth with this bright and festive Nativity puzzle!

New Jerusalem Bracelet 29.99

A beautiful reminder of the 12 stones of new Jerusalem as described in Revelation 21:19–21.

Pink Cross Journal 14.99

Vivaciously pink, this journal is not only useful but gives hope for women caught in sex trafficking!

Praise Banner 36.99

A beautiful crimson silk banner as a reminder of Christ’s worthiness to be praised!

RA Ambassadors for Christ Bracelet 6.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid-January 2015. Handmade leather bracelet embossed with the RA Motto, “We are Ambassadors for Christ.”

Rejoice! Nativity Set 34.99

Celebrate the meaning of Christmas with this charming Nativity set from Kyrgyzstan!

Revolution Necklace 39.99

Handmade beaded necklace that will add glitz and elegance to any outfit.

Samaritan Pearl Earrings 22.99

Glamorous and glitzy, these lightweight bronze pearl earrings add a touch of elegance!

Small Mango Wood Frame 12.99

Rich in texture with an ornate design, this frame is perfect for storing your favorite memories!

Spring Blossom Journal Set 19.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid-January 2015. Write your prayers and thoughts in beautiful handmade journals.

Swahili Necklace 19.99

Add a touch of Africa to your wardrobe with this handmade wooden necklace.

Tangerine Tear Earrings 16.99

Dainty and fun, these made-in-the-US earrings add a splash of silver and tangerine to your favorite outfit!

Thai Pearl Necklace 64.99

Feel glamorous in this shiny bronze coin pearl necklace made by women finding freedom in Thailand!

Thai Utensil Basket 39.99

Make life easier with this 4-section utensil basket handwoven by women in Thailand.

Thai Wallet 29.99

Lightweight and easy to carry, this wallet is great for everyday use!

Trinity Scarf 22.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid-February 2015. Vibrant and fun, this scarf features 3 different fabrics in shades of deep-purple.

Turkish Nativity Set 49.99

With a touch of Turkish style and tradition, this porcelain Nativity is not only beautiful but also a reminder to pray for families in need.

Whistle Keychain 8.99

Fun, hand-carved whistle keychain that is changing the lives of artisans in East Africa!

WorldCrafts Bag 12.99

This sturdy bag that features the WorldCrafts logo and helps employ widows in Bangladesh.

Yunnan Ornament Set 18.99

Liven up your tree with these embroidered ornaments!

Zapotec Wristlet 32.99

Functional and fashionable wristlet providing hope and much-needed income to Mexican artisans.

Zuri Earrings 16.99

Made from recycled paper, these earrings help provide employment for families in Kenya.

Zuri Necklace 36.99

Featuring a handmade ceramic bird and flower design, this lightweight necklace is made of recycled beads and supports families in Kenya!